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Sorry to report that due to a pressing editorial deadline, i cannot riff this morning. "Memories of OPM, Ferrett Face Purdy and the Farr Irrish Brraying Brridal Whoorr... Riff 3 will have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow morning.

here are a few yelp posts which people have asked me to post here so that others can see them, too. Some of these (and many more) were 'filtered' by yelp [which is why i often suggest that yelp ain't much help and is another reason i launched this site, so that we can all truthfully and honestly and with the language that really fucking represents how we may fucking feel about the motherfuckers who fuck with us, report what we've experienced in our dealings with any and all of the people and businesses about whom we care to tell our telling tales]).

Meanwhile, if you've got a telling tale to tell, just h
it the Add Comment button below, or email me personally, and tell us all about it.

Sarah S, San Diego, re Prime Asset Management (Jim Purdy, Founder/Owner) and Resident Manager Peyton Hoban (4174 - 4178 Iowa): This company is absolutely HORRIBLE. I've rented from this company for 2 years and it has been a stream of repairs and problems. The apartment that I had originally rented (from them) was roach INFESTED! Didn't see a roach during the 7 min tour of the apt. (daytime).

After paying all money in full, renting the truck and hiring movers - it was finally move in day. By the time we had moved in 1/2 of the sealed boxes we heard noises in the walls, roaches running EVERYWHERE! Refrigerator, sink drain, toilets, carpet, name it!!! We had no choice but to move our belongings in anyway as we were on the clock with U-Haul and movers.

I spoke with 4 of the other tenants and they were aware of the INFESTATION but had gotten used to it.

I contacted PM IMMEDIATELY and "he" tried to talk me into staying there using a FOGGER. Why would I want to spray chemicals all over my belongings??? I demanded that he move me to another property. It took one week for that property to be ready to rent. For one week we had to sleep in our vehicle and eat out for every meal (costly). We had to unpack and repack again to make sure the roaches didn't get into our things so they didn't carry to the next unit.

The property that we were moved to rented for $200 more (grrrrr...wasn't prepared for that!). It had no roaches but it had a million problems with the "new" appliances. SDGE was there so much they should have just moved in.

The repair people that PM uses must be friends and family members that they just want to employ. They also have no idea what their doing.

Peyton, the property manager [4174-78 Iowa Street] is evil and nasty. Her attitude is one of the ugliest you will ever encounter. She's rude and speaks to the tenants like their children.

I spoke to the tenants that had lived at the 2nd rental and they said PM did the same thing to them (moving them due to the roach problem)!!

They really need to be shut down or need new management. They treat the tenants HORRIBLY!

Might E B, San Diego, re Prime Asset Management (Jim Purdy, Founder/Owner) and Resident Manager Peyton Hoban (4174 - 4178 Iowa): The property manager Peyton [4174-4178 Iowa Street] is evil. I asked her to do a simple maintenance item and she barked at me, and said "If you owned your home you'd have to do that yourself. Common sense should tell you how to fix it." Um, I'm a renter, you're a jerk. The property is horribly managed. Work with these people only if you want to feel like you're autonomous and owning a home, while paying some negligent woman to pretend to manage the place.

Robin E, Burbank, re Prime Asset Managmenet (Jim Purdy, Founder/Owner): After living in my apartment for over 3 years I was absolutely fed up with the continuous bullshit that went on with the property management and especially that bitch of a manager Katie. I would call constantly to try to get in touch with anyone (cause I gave up on Katie) about getting the gate fixed so that the homeless would stop sleeping in our courtyard at night. No one even gave a crap! Not only did I complain, but several other tenants complained as well. Oh and my front window, never had a lock on it! I told them over and over again to please fix my window, and no one ever did. The homeless people would harass the children that lived in the complex, yell, drink, throw trash everywhere. IT WAS OUTRAGEOUS!!! At one point there was 6 of them sleeping all over the place.

Bottom line...They are careless, unprofessional and they down right suck. They need to fire everyone there and start over, especially Katie if she hasn't been already.

I don't even want to give them 1 star but I guess I have to. If it were up to me, they would get a -5.

Sarah K, San Diego, re Prime Asset Management (Founder/Owner Jim Purdy): Giving Prime Asset Management (PAM) even one star is giving them way too much credit. I could go on and on about the appalling lack of customer service they provide but instead I will just give an example. On Friday evening my bathroom sink sprung a leak and drenched all my stuff under the sink and the bathroom floor. After throwing out the stuff and cleaning up the mess, I called and left a message with PAM letting them know of this event. History has shown me that PAM employees think it is no big deal for me to go without a working toilet or sink for a week. I on the other hand do not think this is reasonable. I have learned that the only way to actually get things fixed in a reasonable time frame, is to call "Thomas, the kind, contracted with PAM plumber" directly. So I called Thomas and he provided exceptional customer service. My sink was fixed by Monday morning. Brad the other contracted PAM plumber called me on Monday and left me a message. I never heard back directly from anyone at PAM. On Tuesday morning, Brad shows up at my home unannounced and I explained to him that the sink had already been fixed. I called PAM and talked to Dede. Dede got mad at me for calling Thomas directly after I explained to her that Thomas provided exceptional customer service, communicated with me regarding his arrival time at my home, arrived on time and was kind and friendly. Dede interrupted me several time. I actually had to ask her to stop interrupting me. She would not listen to a full sentence and she scolded me for my actions. I explained to her that I do not appreciate her lack of kindness and understanding. I also explained that Thomas should be praised for his actions as he provided exceptional customer service. I explained that the plumber that she sent came to my place unannounced and I do not appreciate this. I have never met Dede in person but I picture her to be a miserable, mean woman with fangs and a pitch fork. I have so many stories I could share about her hideous behavior that parallels the behavior of all of the PAM staff that I have ever had the misfortune to come in contact with. Yet another horrible experience with PAM. My plan is to yelp each experience from now on in the hopes of saving someone else the misery of signing a lease with PAM.

CCF: There you have it. And there are more, many of which have been filtered by yelp for some reason, which is why i often suggest that yelp ain't much help and is another reason why i launched this site, so that we can all truthfully and honestly report all that we've experienced in our dealings with any and all of the people and businesses about whom we care to tell our telling tales. Got one yourself? Hit the Add Comment button and tell, or email me personally. one way or another, if you've got a telling tale to tell, oh, yeah, do tell!

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